Out the correct operation which is sometimes a bypass operation where we put the vs defer ens directly onto the epidermis so that’s called a way so epidermis mean there’s definitely a place for doing that where there are distal blockages in the epidermis so that’s the reason why it’s really important this is carried out with inoperative sampling of the sperm coming from the upstream blockage.

okay there you need a general vasectomy reversal anesthetic this is an operation that is does take a fair bit of time it’ll take an hour or two for us swimming as a team to do this with microsurgery so you can’t be wait whilst this is being done you’ll need to allow at least a week of convalescence at home it’s really important the post-operative coverage just as important as what we do intro-operative because if you disrupt these extremely fine stitches which are the size of human has they’re fine.

It’s a shame because your rep your chances of achieving good anatomists in general you can expect a chance of pregnancy after probably two weeks and we would advise getting a semen analysis one or two months after the procedure and you’ll generally know immediately when this has been successful or not and if you pick your cases appropriately you should expect probably ninety percent of couples to have a good chance of success and Jeffrey just with regards to sort of reversal success.

you know people sometimes talk about potency and pregnancy so I was just wondering if you could perhaps explain those two different aspects between reversals potency merely means that you can clients the coming down through the pot but that’s firm for some reason or other may not be fertile it could be split the numbers therm allow the new norm expect equipment the motility.