I’ll be right back so we’ve got our line disconnected now we need to take our low side stock line switch off which is you just press in on that and it comes out and that one was pretty easy luckily we’re going to take this of all which if I can do this with it there we go I think it’s gone millimeters the caterpillar so everything’s metric but catalyzed made in the USA.

so that makes a lot of sense I’m putting my switch up somewhere out of the way we’re only getting messed up got another switch down here which is your high pressure switch and then are you doing that lift up on that little tab right there lift it up pull it out these guys are done I’ve got one bolt there [Music] and for the naysayers saying I’m using a adjustable wrench backwards lookup tubal-Cain on a Pete on YouTube and just did a bunch of videos about you know using them backwards and a kind of conclusion.

That it doesn’t matter which way you use them you can break them either way so take that a bolts off the back that holds both of these fittings on and I used to have a cordless ratchet from Milwaukee / the -volt thing is awesome but it last year worked great I mean I broke it now I can’t get Milwaukee to a warranty it so they don’t have the receipt they haven’t even made that it’s got a five-year warranty on the ratchet and they ain’t having had the freaking things out for five years so.

It should still be under tucson air conditioning warranty right now select that Hindrance warranty the warranty you know it’s put it on a box logs are still in the box will learn to you if you ever take it out of the box and so on you so take that bottom hell that does just kind of hold these two things in here look at our low side one that looks like got our high side dude there so now I need to take these two skills out replace the o-rings clean the area.